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Interview with Woodly founder Valerio Vinaccia

Woodly Kindermöbel in Parma Italien

Please briefly introduce yourself? What do you do?

We fabricate furniture for children, with a great attention to environment and health.

What is the story behind your company Woodly? How did you come up with the idea? What philosophy does your brand stand for?

After being a product designer in Milan for 30 years, I decided to make a change and start fabricating myself, in a way my clients had never allowed me to, because of costs, timings and productive logic issues. 

Woodly Babymöbel in Parma

Which products from your collections do you use yourself or do your family members use?

I used for my kids the first cots I designed.

What makes your products so special?

We make everything by hand, and for some of the techniques we use, mainly for finishing, we are the only ones to use them for children furniture. 

Woodly in Parma Eingang

Would you say that your furniture, toys and accessories for infants and children is made for a specific type of parent?

For people with an ecological conscience, who care about children's health, and our planet's resources. 

How do first drafts of designs arise for new products?

A pencil and a sheet of paper.

Woodly Betten aus Parma

Which criteria’s do you follow when selecting the raw material for your unique high quality products?

They have to come from renewable sources and be absolutely non-toxic.

How do you ensure that your products are completely safe for children?

Because of the materials and the techniques we use.

Woodly Flurbett online kaufen

Do you have any advice for parents on what to look for out when buying children’s furniture?

Choose products made to last, without chipboard and synthetic paints, meant to make the   children comfortable, not their parents. 

Where will the trend go for children’s wooden furniture in 2017 and can your customers expect a new product from Pharma Hills?

I believe people are more and more attentive to environmental and waste avoiding issues. Rather than new products, we want to keep on perfecting what we are already producing, making them better and better.

Woodly Gründer Valerio Vinaccia mit Familie

Thank you very much for your time and effort Valerio!

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